I was reading the newsletter about greedy dealers gouging the prices with "market adjustments" as much as $8000. Well, that is abonimable, but there is hope. I used to be a regular at the auto dealers' with a friend of mine to check out in person what was new and hot. Upon rolling out the PT Cruiser, Dodge dealers all over the more urban stretch of RTE 22 in NJ and surrounding urban areas of NJ were all gouging the price at a substantial rate. Further out 22 towards PA though the dealers were not. An extra 20 minutes or so of driving and you may find an honest no gouge dealer, so have heart! That being said, in short order Dodge delivered so many units to dealers that incentives were being offered to move them! It's also my opinion that if you make noise to the parent companies (and enough people have to do this) they should look into it. That may allow for a swift curtailing of the gouging.

Furthermore, any info yet on Toyota or other companies' outputs on a 4WD compact pickup hybrid? I really need a truck, but don't need a full size Sierra.

Thanks, and keep the faith!

James Jolly