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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    Unfortunately, the Accord Hybrid WAS NOT designed for fuel economy, just preformance. That is why the Accord Hybrid has the most powerful engine in the Accord family, and just gets only a "smidge" better MPG than a regular Accord. All this yet it has awesome acceleration.

    I don't know what Honda has done with the 2006 Accord Hybrids, but the previous models made buyers "think" they were buying green that came with preformance, but did not. And guess what, the extra power and IMA system will cost you...greatly.

    P.S. If you don't believe me, you might want to check out last months' issue of Consumer Reports. It provided solid evidence to what I have said all along.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    Perhaps someone could post the consumer report...

    I just wanted to post my results of my 2005 HAH. I am averaging 33+. I live in Va and communte about 26 miles to work. Its not light traffic, so its not a trumped up highway gas mileage.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    When I did the math for fuel economy verses purchase price vs features... I ended up getting the 2006 non-hybrid Honda Civic EX w/ Navigation.

    The Civic EX (5 Speed AT) w/ Nav comes fully loaded and my real world gas milage is at 33MPG. Moveover, the gas milage is very consistant, even with lots of city driving.

    Since the Civic EX w/ Nav is $22,000.00, it probably the best daily commuter car for the buck, and the only thing it doesn't have feature wise is leather.

    I've been considering the replacing our second car, a 1998 Jeep, with a newer fuel efficient car. (Almost anything is going to save up money in gas, it's more a question of just how much the car will cost verses its fuel economy verses the features.)

    The real issue I've got with the Hybrid Accord is: Why spend several thousdand dollars more when it'll be a wash financially if you buy a "normal" Accord, and the normal variant of the Accord will not be a low production number version that may have problems being repaired or securing replacement parts for.

    I had this problem when I owned a 1998 Honda Prelude. Honda only sold about 25,000 Preludes per model year for 5 years in the USA. As such, dealers were not familiar with the problems the car typically had, since an adverage dealer might see 4 to 5 of them a MONTH for repairs. More over, when a major item such as a transmission or engine would have problems, Honda would not have the parts in stock. As an example, when my transmission died under warranty, I had to wait a MONTH for a repalcement to arrive from Japan. (I'm not kidding.)

    This is the reason we bought the 2006 Civic non-hybrid. Honda will sell 100's of thousands of them, and parts and repair experience will be plentiful, along with the 33MPG and regular gas.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    Not very adventurous are you Gerhard?

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    I have here some update about my car, Honda...I hope this might help and give some ideas...=)
    The new, 2007 Honda CR-V is more powerful, more stylish and more comfortable than the previous-generation 2006 models. Its new suspension geometry delivers an improved ride and better, more responsive handling.

    The engine, still an inline four cylinder, employs variable intake valve timing to optimize horsepower and torque for acceleration and cruising speeds. The transmission is a new, five-speed automatic. Real Time all-wheel drive is offered on all three models. The U.S. EPA rates the front-wheel drive CR-V at 23/30 city/highway miles per gallon and the all-wheel drive at 22/28.

    Thus, buyers looking for peppy performance, snazzy styling and easier financing have better choices. Its Honda fuel filter and other accessories like Honda turn signal in their excellent condition...But for Honda loyalists looking for something better than their current CR-V or an SUV to step up into from their Civic, the '07.

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    I have a 2005 Honda Accord

    I have a 2005 Honda Accord Hybird and drove it this morning, turned it off and boom, nothing! No power to anything, the remote dosnt work, the car will not start, nothing. Any suggestions? I dont have the owners manual to look anything up and dont want to rush it to the dealership yet.

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    Just so you know the 2005

    Just so you know the 2005 accord hybrids have a timing belt not a chain like the 2005 accords.
    Change suggested at somewhere around 1000,000 miles.

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    I have a 05 HAH with over

    I have a 05 HAH with over 180k on it and I was getting around 32 mpg. Now all of a sudden its dropped and I get just 30mpg, maybe. I know this car doesn't like cold weather and it normally drops then but it really hasn't got that cold. Maybe I need a set of plugs and maybe its the car telling me my hybrid batterys starting to go, who knows? I just wished I would get a signal telling me this battery is going. Who out there has replaced theres and what is it going to cost me? Heck maybe I need a tuneup....

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