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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I drive about 30 miles a day each way to work. My Accord gets about 44 mpg to work and 42.5 on the way back. The major difference is an elevation change of ~100-150 feet. The half mile or so of off highway driving at either end can drag the whole trip mpg down to around 36-38 mpg. My best mpg was 65 mpg on a 3 hour trip back from the mountains.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    Just to Chime in I recently purchased a 2006 Honda Hybrid and am currently getting 6.0 L/100km or 39 mpg. I was hoping it would be closer to 5.0 L/100 or 47 mpg.... so I am too a little dissapointed but I am only working on my second tank of gas.

    I hope the previoius poster is correct in respect to the breakin period.

    Having said that I truly enjoy the look and feel of the vehicle and am not dissappointed with the vehicle. I do beleive its the most functional and best looking vehicle in the hybrid class.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I'm in a similar situation as Eric, got a new 05 accord in Sep, and am only getting 26mpg average. It has about 5500 miles. How can some owners get in the 30s and some stuck with this low 26mpg.
    Can someone shed some light? Or is the Accord only a gesture-hybrid at 6% only electric, as Y. Roebuck points out. Did I get tricked by Honda?

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I would like to throw something into this discussion.

    According to DOE, http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/byMPG.htm, on 12/22/05 there are only 4 vehicles available in the US that achieve combined average city/highway of 40 mpg or better. And, it has been reported that 2006 may be the last year for the 2 Honda Insights. Note that none of these vehicles are built in the US.

    There are 57 vehicles available outside the US that achieve 45mpg(US), or better, combined average city/highway. Of these 57 vehicles, 15 (26%) are by DaimlerChrysler, Ford, GM, and Toyota. VW has 10 (17%). This data is available at http://www.40mpg.org/pdfs/120105_CSI...icle_chart.xls

    What is wrong with this picture????!!!

    The absence of this class of vehicle is dragging down the Auto Industry, MPG, Consumer, Environment, Economy, and National Security. At the same time, it is driving up all Fuel Prices.

    The following questions arises! Are either the Federal Legislative or Executive branches aware? If yes, do they care?

    These top 57 vehicles should already meet safety and emissions standards of either Europe or Japan. EU emissions are currently at Euro step IV.


    Congress should pass emergency legislation to waive, for only 24 months, import restrictions on gas and diesel light vehicles that meet EU and Japanese emission and safety standards AND get 45 mpg(US), or more, combined average city/highway. These vehicles should be grandfathered upon import.

    I estimate that for each of these high mpg vehicle put on the road, there will be about a 2 gallon/day fuel savings.

    My intention is to stimulate discussion and hopefully some degree of rational problem solving since the government, industry, and/or the financial communities haven't adequately addressed/resolved these issues.

    It is further hoped that you will find the concepts and strategies of sufficient value to share them with your peers, other media, government, and industry contacts.


    ď40MPG.ORG WEEKLY UPDATE December 1, 2005Ē http://www.40mpg.org/weeklyupdate.cfm

    "Over 35 mpg not in US - http://www.40mpg.org/pdfs/120105_CSI...icle_chart.xls

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I bought my HAH 2005 a year ago, and have logged in over 12K miles. Like many new owners, I was puzzled by the 13 gals less when the empty warning light is on. I even took it to the dealer after a couple months. They told me it was designed that way, nothing wrong. But the design seems flaw, it is too early a warning when there are still 4 gallons of gas in the tank! I'm a little getting used to it now. Everytime when the gas warning light's on, I wait for another 50 to 60 miles (my averaging of 25 per gallon) till I hit the next gas station. Speaking about milage, I'm, like most of the owners, very disappointed. My city average has been 22 mpg. That is not good at all. On highway, the average is 31. Still no way near as claimed by Honda the 37 MPG. The Consumers Report published an issue several months ago. It reinforced the doubts the the inflated claim is true. We hope Honda would improve and try to be more realistic.
    I have no other problems with my HAH. Enjoy a lot the GPS navigation, but had to pay the full price tag $32K a year ago. Some folks in this forum said they paid only $27.5K. They were lucky.
    By the way, I just received a Battery Software Update recall from Honda. So I've made an appointment with my dealer on Jan 09 to get the update, in Mass. Honda is still fixing up their mistakes.

    Victor Dec 30, 2006

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    You can't blame Honda for making inflated mileage claims. The EPA ratings are strictly regulated by the Federal government and not determined by Honda. Honda does not make any claims about mileage, the federal government does. Also, keep in mind, most cars (ie. non-hybrids) do not get close to their EPA ratings. The EPA ratings are just there to make sure consumers can compare apples to apples.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I recently bought a honda accord and the mileage is around 30. I am a honda lover but am a little dissapointed with the low mpgs. But then again mine was only 25,000$ right before all the 2006 models came out. A 2006 accord v-6 with leather was more exspensive than the hybrid so i said, what the heck. Your definetly not going to find anything better from any american or european car makers. Honda's will last much much longer, plus who knows how much more the price of gas will rise with Bush in office.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I am about to buy the 2006 accord hybrid and have read your comments with some concern about the lower MPG than advertised. However, it is a great car to drive and if I can have comfort and performance while getting somewhat better mileage and ultra low emissions than I think it's worth it. I am also interested in the nav system. Can anyone comment on that? Is it worth it? Are the maps and locations current? Does the voice activation really work consistantly or is it frustrating?

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I got my 15,000 miles check-up from a Honda dealership yesterday. It was an exceptional experience that I have ever received. The service consultant was professional and courteous, he told me upfront the exact cost, which was $121. They offer a courteous ride service for within 10 miles. The driver and the ride captain were pleasant and friendly. I even got a ride service back to the dealer when it was time to pick up my car. The car was very nicely serviced. I was presented a complementary coupon for a full car wash from the dealerís service department. It is not just the car you love that you are buying, excellent service oriented dealers are a very important factor to consider as well. Honda is superior to Mercedes in all fronts. This is a definite proof.

    The mileage Iím getting has not been improving. It is 20.7 city and 31 highway. Averaging 27 to 28 after a trip including some city driving and expressway driving connecting between two cities. Thanks to Craigís comment above, the posted mileages were not set by Honda, but rather by the relatively out dated EPA testing standards are responsible for the difference of actual results versus tested results. The Consumer Reports are right. It is fun to drive the powerful Hybrid. The acceleration is quick and confident. It is always easily to reach 80mph in a few seconds when I tried to pass. Maybe that was one reason why my mileage was low!

    The navigation system is a gem. It is very good. It has helped me a lot, even though I thought I had good sense of directions. The streets in the Greater Boston areas are in detail and informative. It is sensitive and it recalculates quickly the time and the mileage required to get there when I take an impromptu alternate route. The streets and roads information is current. For example, the I-93 major highway through down town Boston revamped to a new alignment recently, and it has the new roads shown. Although some new ramps are not shown as should have been updated, but it is irrelevant at all because you are just driving through them. For $2,000, I still would recommend it.

    I have no encountered Rachelís problem.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    Just bought a Prius hybrid, right at list price.

    The panels estimating your mileage apparently estimate low at first, but maybe the car will "run-in" 10 mpg lower, later. It begins with 60.3 mpg in-town.

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