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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I don't understand this. Honda is estimating 30 mpg city / 37 highway for their new Hybrid that is due out this winter. But I thought with hybrids that the city mpg is typically higher than the highway?

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    Honda and GM "Hybrids" are not full hybrid. They use the gas engine from a dead start. Full hybrids can use just the electric motor for a few minutes and up to 25 mph or so before the gas engine starts.
    That is why the full hybrids love the city driving modes.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    a hybrid is simply something that combines two or more elements. gas-electric is what we're used to seeing.

    the fact that a car swithces to full electric or full gas isn't making the car more or less of a hybrid, just their engineering choice on how to get maximum mileage which seems to be the functional goal in car hybrid design today.

    the honda acord hybrid is also using technology to switch from all 6 cyclinders down to fewer cylinders on the highway. this might be considered a tri-brid? the idea of switching from more to fewer cylinders is a very good way of improving mileage in a "traditional" manner & to combine this with the electric hybrid methods is a very nice extension of the idea.

    i hope to see more of these creative ideas reach the market.


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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I bought an Civic Hybrid in April, 2004. The window sticker said it should average 47 MPG highway and 48 MPG city. At first I got 47 MPG highway, but after 7 months and 11,000 miles it has dropped to 40 MPG highway. The Honda dealer says it is performing "up to specs" and there's nothing they can do about it. American Honda's customer service repeated that claim. Also, when I first got it in April, it got 37 MPG city, which is 11 MPG lower than the sticker said it should. Now it is getting 29 MPG city. Once again the dealer says it is performing as it should and that there's nothing wrong with it. How can that be? I will never buy another Honda of any model due to my experience with this one!

    P.S.--The brakes are very noisy..........make a clattering noise when applied. Again, Honda says this is "normal" for this car. Plus, the steering is stiff and doesn't always turn either direction smoothly at both highway and city speeds. The dealer said there's nothing wrong with this kind of performance.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I have a question about the new Accord Hybrid; In the state of Virginia, does / will it be conceded a zero emissions vehicle, and thus, be allowed on HOV roads during HOV time, with a single passenger. Cars that are currently accepted are the Civic Hybrid Toyota Prius. Thanks.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I bought the Insight when it 1st came out in Y2K. But I passed on the Civic hybrid, because I needed a 2d car that would suit the family. Now I just got a Hybrid Accord.

    It's a sweet car, designed and built to be worth the 34k I paid for it. I hated paying 2500 over MSRP, but that's what I get for being the first to drive one.

    The 6cyl engine really kicks butt. After driving the 70HP Insight, it's actually hard to *not* burn rubber in the Accord.

    It's way tricked out inside, too, with lots of fun electrical gadgets you can read about at honda.com. I sprung an extra 2k for the only option available - onboard GPS nav. It will take me a while to figure out how to operate all the bells and whistles. But it's no problem to just put in the key and drive.

    Best feature (so far): Power. Merging has never been so fun.
    Worst feature: Price. The dealers are profiteering, but hey that's capitalism.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I just bought an accord hybrid and am getting 18-19 mpg driving like a
    granny trying to max efficiency. It is brand new and I wonder about break in
    period. I'm pretty bummed at this point and the dealership doesn't have
    answers yet, they say they will call Honda engineers to get more info.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    Fuel Economy: I too am a new Accord Hybrid owner in Maryland. I'm averaging 31 mpg with most of my travel on 45 mph, mostly flat roads to and from work. I thought I'd average closer to 34 or 35 mpg. I'm not counting on fuel economy improving with the miles I add, but it would be nice!

    Tank size: My current mystery is the tank size. I let the gas fall close to Empty yesterday and refueled within one mile of my fuel light coming on. I filled up with less than 13 gallons, but the tank is supposed to hold 17.1. I'll contact my dealer after the holiday.

    Still like it: The Accord was the best compromise for me after finding the Civic & Prius very uncomfortable to sit in for more than 30 minutes. (Long legs and sciatic nerve issues). And the option of having a roof rack is great. It's my first vehicle in 8 years, but I look forward to having more environmentally sound options next time around.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    i took a test drive today. the power is more than satisfactory. i still dont know if the extra cost is worth the mileage savings...gotta think about that one.

    incidentally, i found this Accord Hybrid forum


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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I have only 500 miles on my Accord Hybrid, there's snow on the ground and the heater roars, so I'll will wait a bit to tally the gas mileage.
    But, how does the gas mileage readout on the dash work? In the old days manifold vacuum did it, but I'm sure engineers can do better than that today.
    And, of the Accord's ability to save fuel, how much can be credited to the engine management system? I can run on three cylinders more often than I use the supplemental electric.
    Nice these days to have a chain rather than a belt turning the cams (says my dealer). True?
    Richard B.

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