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Thread: hybrid vans

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    hybrid vans

    "Please make sure the van height inside the car high enough for a person 6'5", and it is an AWD or 4X4, over 270 hp. Otherwise it won't be very usefull to many people who travel to the snow/desert, etc."

    Huh??? A 270 hp 4x4 anything, hybrid or not, won't have good fuel consumption figures. You may go from 18 mpg to 22 mpg by hybridizing it. Hardly worth the cost of the drivetrain for most people.

    As for needing 270 hp 4x4 in the snow...double huh??? I live in Quebec, notorious for harsh winters (snow, sleet, ice, slush, deep cold, etc). I drive a 134 hp diesel with stability control. I've driven past lots of 4x4 in the ditch...

    Plus I get 42+ mpg on the highway; my wife with her 100 hp diesel station wagon (no stability control unfortunately, so it may be replaced soon with another one WITH stability control), easily can get 50 mpg on the highway.

    If we're going to make a serious dent in our fuel dependancy, we're going to have to seriously re-examine our "needs". I respectfully suggest that NOBODY needs a 270 hp 4x4. I can see a need for a van for large families, but ideally, a 150 hp diesel with about 250 lb-ft of torque, and stability control instead of AWD, would suit the needs of 99% of us. It would get FAR better mileage than even a hybrid with 270 hp and 4x4. In fact you can get such vans in Europe that pull in around 45 mpg.

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    hybrid vans

    I am a beverage distributor and need a 1 ton capacity. Does anyone have any knowledge of an extended cab vehicle that can haul a 1 ton capcity efficiency?


    Scottsdale, AZ

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    hybrid vans

    The 1-ton pickups with diesel seem like good choices. They are available with extended cabs and can use biodiesel (with no modifications to the truck) or wvo (with a greasecar or similar kit).

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    hybrid vans

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    hybrid vans

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    hybrid vans

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    Doesn't diesel pollute just

    Doesn't diesel pollute just as bad as gas. They sure smell like they're pollutting.

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    The fact that there is

    The fact that there is diesel in bio-diesel, certainly does not mean that it pollutes as much as diesel.
    But, since we are talking about vans, why don't peapole check out Modec Vans, from UK. You might have seen their model in the movie "Breaking and Entering" with Jude Law (he drives one of their earlier models). They have released the new model and it looks quite good - besides being quite efficient in reducing pollution (zero emissions - it's electric).

    The only other question remains: how is the electricity used for this van being produced? - hopefully not from coal or some other fossil fuel.

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    I am a little late on

    I am a little late on resposne but I agree tremendously!! I just completed a 2k mile trip in my Odyessy & am even more interested in a hybrid. Any info would be genuinely appreciated.

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    As far as diesel is

    As far as diesel is concerned - according to the American Lung Association, diesel exhaust contains "100 times more sooty particles than gasoline". Such solid particles are exceptionally bad for one's health, and joggers who exercise along busy roads may actually be doing themselves more harm than good.

    As far as eco-friendly vans, there are some van-shaped vehicles in the works that actually run on compressed air. An example of this would be MDI's CAT (Compressed Air Technology) car, which looks very much like a van.

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