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    Maybe someone should make a

    Maybe someone should make a rotary engine hybrid.

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    I kind put my money where my

    I kind put my money where my mouth was.


    The Capstone C30 is designed to be used in HEV applications. My unit was originally in a bus. Let's be clear, it is a turbine generator set, not direct drive. It produces between 8 and 28 kW at between 1 and 3 Gallons of Diesel (or biodiesel) per hour. In my case, that power is dumped into a 24kWh LiPoly Battery Pack, and drawn from (and charged by a AC150 Drive system (at about 165kW). This is a serial hybrid.

    The Capstone at a constant RPM is VERY efficient, better than any ICE (30%). It is fully recuperated, recovering more than 50% of the combustion heat. Aircraft, and all but the Volvo turbines previously used we open systems, writing off energy. The turbine is CARB 03 emissions certified, and probably would meet the Carb 09 standards. The car cruises at 80MPH at under 200 watts per mile. That means with the Turbine on, it gets about 40MPG at speed. Being a plug in Hybrid with an 85 mile Pure EV range, it is a pretty good match. Use the battery system around town and the turbine on the open highway. It will also power your house in a pinch.

    BTW, if you don't punish batteries and keep them better than 80% depth of discharge, they will last a long time. Prius batteries, used under similar circumstances, are lasting 2X or more longer than Toyota calculated (and warranted). I expect to get 10 years from my current pack.

    Oh yeah, it sounds pretty good and is a 4 second 0-60. Remember, cars are mostly sold as entertainment, and George Lucas says that Sound is 51% of the experience...

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    Check this website.

    Check this website. www.velozzi.org

    These guys have been doing amazing stuff with turbines and are supported by an incredible team of OEM suppliers.

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    the advantage to a gas

    the advantage to a gas turbine electric hybrid car would be that you would be able to burn any combustible liquid and not be bound to petroleum products, ie corn oil, alcohol exct

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    Jaguar recently announced

    Jaguar recently announced they will produce up to 200 of the supercar hybrid/turbine concept vehicle. I think many of the comments over the past few years mistakenly assume the turbine will drive the vehicle and therefore is not suited for automobile propulsion. However, the reality is the turbine would be utilized strictly as a generator, generating electricity which would then be used to power electric motors for propulsion. To me it seems a turbine would be more efficient than an internal combustion engine in this arrangement .... after all, reciprocating mass of the internal combusion engine seems to be such a waste of inertia and therefore efficiency. Perhaps the turbine in an automotive hybrid application wouldn't need to turn at the speeds of aircraft turbine engines and therefore would be less expensive to manufacture. I don't know, but the concept seems awful intriguing to me and this just may be the future of automotive propulsion.

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    I like Rosens idea of a

    I like Rosens idea of a solid core generator and the "flywheel". Couple that with either electric or hydrolic energy generation with the brakes and release upon acceleration, and conventional ICE technology could bridge untill turbine becomes even more advanced.

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    The same idea that Rosen

    The same idea that Rosen used with the solid core generator.

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    Check out:

    I'm working on this too.

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    Jaguar C-X75 is what you are

    Jaguar C-X75 is what you are looking for.

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    The 'serial hybrid' concept

    The 'serial hybrid' concept with a gas turbine for automotive use has been an interest of mine for a while. A fairly small gas turbine turboshaft motor could be used as a generator

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