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    Automotive Hybrid Jobs

    Many of us like myself are looking for Automotive Hybrid Jobs or have a Hybrid Automotive Job to offer. I'm currently a student at Hocking College Advanced Energy Institute, one of the leading technical colleges in our nations fight to go green. I am a hybrid Automotive student receiving my Associates in this particular field. Can anyone on HybridCars.com recommend jobs for someone looking to get into Hybrid vehicles

    Any suggestions are appreciated

    If anyone has any questions about the Toyota Prius, I've worked on them and have done a Plug In conversion kit for a 2004 Prius.

    Thanks Everyone.

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    THEBARNETT, Sounds like you

    Sounds like you have some interesting experience. You may want to consider signing up as a member of hybridcars.com. I am sure you have some great information to share.

    I especially would be interested if you started a thread about your PHEV conversion.

    I own a 2002 Insight that I installed an Enginer PHEV kit in.

    Eric Powers
    Green Drive Expo Organizer (See you there!)

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    It will remain mostly keen

    It will remain mostly keen refineries to meet the needs of employees, which requires the active participation of recruitment agencies. Usually, the recruitment agency is still good very strict in maintaining the quality of the workforce recruited because they feel deeply concerned about the goodwill.
    engineering jobs

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    online systems make it easy

    online systems make it easy for the HR personnel to identify the right candidate for each job within the shortest period of time. These recruiting systems are being used widely across all industries today because of the numerous advantages it has over traditional recruitment processes. Electronic engineering jobs

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