// Ford, Honda, Toyota in Atlanta, GA
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    Ford, Honda, Toyota in Atlanta, GA

    Ford dealer in Marietta (NW Atlanta) says that the Escape Hybrid will be out in September/August time frame, but only on the far west coast (CA, OR,WA) and in the NE, NY area. They are due here 3/1/05 in Atlanta.
    Toyota says their Highlander Hybrid (my personal favorite) will be here around 3-4/05.
    Honda says their Accord Hybrid will be out here in September. It will be much like the Accord gas other than you can't put the back seat down due to location of battery back. The Civic and Insight Hybrids are sparingly in stock now.
    The Jeep Liberty will have the turbo diesel engine used in the Jetta and Golf VW's in the showrooms here in September.
    What does everyone think of diesel instead of hybrid for purchases within the next year?

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    Ford, Honda, Toyota in Atlanta, GA

    Some folks might favor diesel but I don't want to expose my kids to the exhaust which is a known carcinogen. Also, it's not clear that the diesels will pass stricter environmental standards getting phased in soon.

    A few more details here:


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    Ford, Honda, Toyota in Atlanta, GA

    I can't see the advantage with a diesel unless you need tons of torque for towing. Otherwise get the smallest engine you can get and live with poor acceleration to gain good fuel economy.

    I think dealers in Georgia will be able to place Hybrid orders in Late November, if they are Hybrid certified. If any dealer tells you they will be over MSRP, tell them you will not pay over MSRP and they need to reconsider.

    They have the second version of the order guide now, along with current prices, so they can get your juices going. If you have a "Retail" order in the system, it should be price protected. If you place an order, ask the dealer what their allocation is and when they would expect to schedule your order. If they are going to get 7 for the model year and you are #7 in line, you are looking at late Summer, 2005.

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    Ford, Honda, Toyota in Atlanta, GA

    I am not for sure if diesels will make it either. The gas mileage is obviously comparable, but I worry about the NO emissions as Bradley mentions. And there are the unknowns if diesels will be able to efficiently meet the emissions standards increasing soon.

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    Ford, Honda, Toyota in Atlanta, GA

    They won't make emissions standards retroactive. You buy a 2004 or 2005 diesel and that is the only standards you have to meet.

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    Ford, Honda, Toyota in Atlanta, GA

    That is true, but is not what I was referring to. Although I have heard of cars visiting CA getting ticketed for not meeting CA emissions (I don't know how long they were visiting or all of the details however).

    Rather, I was talking about the long-term viability of diesels in the US beyond the next two years or so. If people can only purchase diesels for two or three model years in the US, this short of a time will result in little impact by diesels as an alternative auto to decrease oil consumption.

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