// run off battery when cruising?
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    run off battery when cruising?

    My husband and I communte 120 miles roundtrip to work each day. We run at nearly 70 mph on cruise control. I had heard that the hybrid car runs off the battery power when it is cruising. Is this true?

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    run off battery when cruising?

    No. This is not correct.

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    run off battery when cruising?

    The Escape Hybrid will use the gas engine for motive power generally when running over 25 to 30 mph. If you should need additional power when passing, etc, at highway speeds, the electric motor can kick in to give additional power.
    You should expect to get 30+ mpg running on the gas engine at highway speeds. The big savings come when you are in slower, stop and go traffic when you can operate on battery power alone (up to 38 mpg.)
    If you are coming from a vehicle that gets 20 mpg or less on the road and 15 or less in town, like most SUV's, the Escape Hybrid may fill the need nicely.

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    run off battery when cruising?

    the honda civic hybrid runs in a similar maner as described above for the escape. what i can add after having one only 2 months is all the little speed adjustments are via the electric motor. extra uphill speeds, slight accelerations, etc.

    for this i get 45 to 48 mpg.


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    run off battery when cruising?

    The Prius can run exclusively on electric power up to 42 mph. After that the gas engine has to turn simply to keep the RPM of the electric motor from ripping it apart. However, it is possible for the Prius to turn the gas engine without supplying fuel or spark, so given the right situation (usually downhill) it is possible to cruise without gas power.

    The Escape's hybrid system is essentially similar to the Prius' (especially the 2001-2003 Prius) so I'd expect it works similarly.

    Honda's system is completely different, the electric motor and gas engine are on a common crankshaft so when one turns, the other must also turn. Also the electric motor on the Honda is designed only to be able to start the gas engine and or provide a brief boost to the gas engine. It can't power the car by itself.

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    run off battery when cruising?

    I might add that gas mileage for all vehicles tends to drop significantly at speeds above about 60 MPH...you start to spend a lot of energy pushing the air out of the way.

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