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    Agree completely! where is

    Agree completely! where is the hybrid convertible? What does it take?

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    I too am a convertible

    I too am a convertible aficionado who'd like to go hybrid! Any news on such in production?

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    Hello Car Manufacturers, are

    Hello Car Manufacturers, are you listening (reading)????????? We want a Hybrid Hardtop Convertible and we want it NOW.

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    PLEASE! I am waiting very

    PLEASE! I am waiting very patiently for my hybrid convertible but I can't wait for ever!
    (AFFORDABLE, not Fiscars , Porche or Tesla). I want to be clean and green and I want the wind in my a hair and the sun on my face too!

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    As the saying goes....."Good

    As the saying goes....."Good things come to those that wait".....and like the rest of you I too am waiting. The next car I purchase will be my last and like some of you my child is grown and it's time for an adult vehicle. My dream car.....my retirement gift to MOI for all those years of working. I want to cruise with the top down and know that I'm contributing to a greener world for our child/ren/grandchildren.

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    There are so many convertible hybrid cars, you can try
    2014 Audi TT Roadster - Softtop Roadster
    2014 BMW 428i 4 Series Convertible
    2014 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

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