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    Own one of the first Prius

    Own one of the first Prius off the line. Perfection to this day. But as a committed ragtop guy since college, I have to keep my 13 year old MBZ E320 4 seater for those 11.5 months of the LA year when top-down commuting almost compensates for having to live here. Still, am starting to feel guilty, and would gladly trade it at a loss for a Hybrid rag, as there's no point in living here without the smog blowing thru my hair plugs. Aging boomers w/a conscience would eat them up. Hello, Detroit? It's time to reclaim your throne.
    Don't thank me. Read all of the above.

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    Yeah, why no hybrid

    Yeah, why no hybrid convertibles?

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    I've emailed Lexus, but they

    I've emailed Lexus, but they keep trying to sell me a hybrid sedan ... does any car manufacturer get that there is a market for hybrid convertibles - hard tops and rags?

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    I am in the market to get a

    I am in the market to get a hybrid.. I have been waiting and waiting for someone like Toyota to make a convertible hard top or rag.. either would be fine. Where can you find these cars?

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    I WANT A HYBIRD CONVERTIBLE. I am going to spend the money for a car that is good to the earth, but I want and desirve to enjoy the adventure. I have worked long and hard for the car I want. Please U.S.A. (Ford) make us a car that we can trust, and that I ( and the rest of the world ) will be safe in. No toys if you know what I mean.
    I am holding out for 50 mpgs and convertible! I think that is going to have to be in the way of a Hybird.
    It looks like the people have spoken. Fix this convertible problem please. The MPG'S are possable.
    I had a motorcycle but gave it up. I need to have four wheeles on the ground and protection all around me. But I don't want to give up the wind in my hair. Lets have fun!
    PLease could you make this work. I love Green Too. (sence I am filling out my wish list)

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    I owe an older Saab

    I owe an older Saab convertible and have been waiting for someone to comeup for a hybrid convertible to replace it! It's suprising that the car manufacturers are not, especially now that everyone is coming out with hybrids, using this a selling point. There are people like me that's willing to buy a car that I can enjoy and feel good about!!

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    This awful business with BP

    This awful business with BP and the oil spill in the Gulf has cemented my decision to buy a hybrid. I am so over the gas companies and their flippant disregard for the consumer and the environment! But, I am a diva and really need a convertible. These posts go back over 5 years! Are is any of the car manufacturers listening? Helllooo...give consumers what they want and maybe you won't have to be bailed out. just a thought.

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    I have a 2005 Saab 9-3

    I have a 2005 Saab 9-3 convertible, which I love. I almost bought a hybrid back in 2005, but the Toyota Prius was simply no fun to drive (back then), and the 9-3 is fun every minute. The 9-3 also has fabulous acceleration, not a strong point of the Prius.
    I really want the car makers to produce a hybrid replacement for my convertible.

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    So here we are ... all

    So here we are ... all wanting hybrid convertibles. How do we get the manufacturers to understand that the demand is there? Build it and we'll buy it. I, too, am a 40+ baby boomer who is waiting patiently (at least up until now) for a hybrid convertible. Help!

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    How strange that we are

    How strange that we are standing in the 21st century, pacing high and high in the technology era but still we are discussing the prediction for hybrid convertibles. Really strange
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