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    Hybrid Convertible

    Elliott Benson, a Sacramento based marketing research firm, is currently conducting interviews with Northern California residents who own hybrid vehicles. Specifically looking for those who own Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Escape, Toyota Highlander or Lexus 400h Hybrid vehicles. Call us at 916.325.1670

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    Hybrid Convertible

    I have never owned anything but convertibles but would like to do the right thing next time out and get a hybrid. Maybe something like the Volkswagen Cabrio or the Audi A-4

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    Check out Saabs new

    Check out Saabs new convertible fossil-fuel free hybrid.

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    I agree there are no hybrid

    I agree there are no hybrid convertibles on the market. I would buy one if some one would make it. I am sure that other people would also.

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    Fisker announced a hybrid

    Fisker announced a hybrid convertible (plug-in) for late 2009:

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    Saab showed a concept hybrid

    Saab showed a concept hybrid convertible last year at a European auto show.

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    I've been driving a mustang

    I've been driving a mustang convertible for 3 years and I absolutely love it - probably more than when I first bought it. I've had no problems and I've sworn I will always have one...even when I have kids. I am also waiting for a hybrid convertible! I hope they come out with one soon and I hope they do their market research to make sure they make enough to keep up with demand b/c I think it will be high. And(crossing my fingers) - I hope they do not screw with the body and make it look like a hybrid. Why can't they make a good looking sporty hybrid? Even Honda's "sporty" hybrid still has the weird boxy look. I hate it. They act like they don't want to sell hybrids with the way they're designing them.

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    There is someone in Florida

    There is someone in Florida who can convert Porsche convertibles to hybrid or electric. However, I can't find that information.

    Here's the people's project website:


    Also, there's the Tesla, a bit expensive:


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    Ok sports car fans. There

    Ok sports car fans. There is finally a real option for you. The Tesla Roadster is now fully in production. There's a new forum here dealing with it.

    As Marcela says, its expensive but at least it is real

    Its greener than a Prius and quicker than almost anything else on the road.

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    I've been waiting for a

    I've been waiting for a hybrid PT-Cruiser Convertible to be introduced, but instead have discovered that PT-Cruisers will be phased out completely! No hybrid. No convertible. No more PT-Cruisers.

    Manufacturers, particularly American manufacturers, seem to think fuel efficiency and hybrids are just a "phase" the American public will grow out of... But then again, that's probably why so many corporations are struggling lately: They're out of touch with American reality.

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