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    Hybrid Element??

    hey i was just wondering if anybody knew if Honda had any plans for a hybrid version of the Element? I really like that car but I want to get a hybrid. thanks

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    Most of the cars of Honda are now hybrid, you can visit there online store to make this thing sure.

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    Honda Element

    Well the Honda Element a powerful vehicle with its 2.4 Liter engine. I guess making it hybrid would require taking away some of that, to come out with a lesser capacity engine.

    Why not go for some other Hybrids which are already available in market??

    example: Mazda Tribute hybrid, Chevrolet Equinox hybrid etc

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    These days most of the rides which are being offered in the market by Honda are Hybrid. Not just it all of the other major brands of cars are likely introducing hybrid cars in market to save fuel and to enhance rides performance.
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