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    Stupid questions about waiting lists

    I'm a first time car buyer. So I've never had to deal with waiting lists. How do I get my name on one. Is it as simple as telling the dealer I want this car? Do I have to make a down payment or holding fee?Do I have to start paying for it while I'm on the waiting list? I've heard that dealers can still sell your car to someone else dispite the waiting list. Has this happened to anyone and how do I avoid it? I'm sure this has been answered numerous times, but be gentle to the newbie.

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    Stupid questions about waiting lists

    Our dealer required a $200 'deposit' check, which they said they wouldn't cash, and they never did. In fact they gave it back after the car came in 2 months later. 1st choice was a #7 Silver, but a #7 Seaside Pearl came in and we jumped at it. Paid $24K and has been well worth the wait and the car more than lives up to all the hype. Best thing on the road, bar none. I have read online of dealers selling to the highest bidder. Laws of supply and demand somehow supercede money and greed. Lots of postings on Priuschat.com and Priusonline.com of these dealers to avoid! Love my Prius!

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