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    hybrid trucks

    I am interested in future hybrid trucks, in perticular a hybrid diesel.
    Does any one know if, when or who?
    Thank you for your help.

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    hybrid trucks

    I believe all the manufacturers are looking at hybrid/diesel trucks. GM already has fleets of busses so configured. Not sure what diesel gets you engine wise, unless you will be "on the engine" most of the time. From what I hear, the savings over a strait diesel truck runs about 10% in fuel costs. The vehicle starts off on electric power and then the diesel engine takes over. So it may save some emissions on start up from a full stop.

    Ford had the full electric Rangers a few years ago. That might be the right size vehicle for a Hybrid/gas or diesel package. The new diesel emissions rules might slow down diesel development for the US.

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    hybrid trucks

    GM's Silverado is available right now as a "hybrid". It has a larger starter/generator and a larger battery. THAT'S IT! The electric motor does not propel the truck in ANY way, shape or form. It's used in the auto-stop mode to restart the engine. That's where the 1MPG (10%) increase happens, at least the engine shuts off when the truck is stopped. 1MPG?? It's silly. Everyone right now can increase 1MPG just by inflating their tires properly or slowing down. Oh, you can plug in 110 volt tools/appliances because of the electric motor/battery "hybrid". Sorry, keep trying GM. Maybe the Hummer is the best you can muster...

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