// audio in hybrid vehicles
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    audio in hybrid vehicles

    For people like myself who like listening to base from a couple of good high end subwoofers, along with crisp mids and high's on an aftermarket sound system, what problems if any would arise from drawing extra amperage from the electrical system? Hey, i don't even know if these things ( hybrid vehicles) have altenators,and if so did they think of the hi fi enthusiasts when they made them? Thanks!

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    audio in hybrid vehicles

    The Ford Escape Hybrid has a 12 volt system (including battery) to run the lighting aand accessory systems in the vehicle. The 330 volt battery starts the engine when needed. I have not heard of any reason that you cannot add typical electrical accessories on the 12 volt side.
    I have not seen the charging system layout and do not know if is a typical alternator on the 12 volt side or something intergral with the 330 volt charger. I guess you could drive a few watts with 330 volts!
    Someone will figure out how to use the electric storage power for other purposes. Big Amps may be only one of them.

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