// Honda Insight discontinued? Parts?
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    Honda Insight discontinued? Parts?

    One thing that concerns me about buying a hybrid, particularly a used Insight, is the accessibility of parts, especially since these cars are hard to come by in the first place. How do I go about figuring out whether or not I won't have to spend oodles of money, thereby nulling the savings in gas, for a rare part? Thanks.

    Also, I was wondering how I can go about checking out the condition of a used car from a private seller.

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    Honda Insight discontinued? Parts?

    I am an Insight owner. WE have just over 100K miles on our Insight. While we have never had trouble getting parts, we definitely have to pay a lot for them. Our check Engine light came on this weekend and as it turns out, it is the catalytic converter. this is usually a $200 fix, but for the Insight, we are being charged $1375, since it's a special catalytic converter. Something to keep in mind...

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    Honda Insight discontinued? Parts?

    Some aftermarket cats can cost a little as $200. OEM cats are $600-1000 on average with some much more. The cat (if Std shift) is really two cats. I also just learned that cat $ has come down to about $900.00.

    There is a lot more to know than just $. Before you replaces the cat, make sure the diagnosis is good. Could be a bad 02 sensor.

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    Honda Insight discontinued? Parts?

    Thank you for your information. We have recently heard similar from the mechanics. Unfortunately, we live in CA, where aftermarket emissions equipment is illegal. In our research, we have also learned that you can buy the front Catalytic Converter on it's own, but if the back one is out, you must buy it in a complete kit (with the front one), and there is no way to know which one is out. So, it's a gamble. We are getting the O2 sensor checked right away, because we have heard from several people that this may be the problem. The check engine light is now out, so we are unsure of what may be going on! Again, thank you for your information, it's helpful to hear from a knowledgable hybrid mechanic.

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    Honda Insight discontinued? Parts?

    If you have a 2000 there is a recall on the ECU that causes this. I went through this already. My prblem is that I cannot figure out why the mpg in 5th gear drops lower than it used to when accelerating. This affects my overall mileage.

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    You should have gotten a

    You should have gotten a letter from Honda in last couple months..apparently the engine light came on; and converter gets changed.. however the converter is NOT at fault.. they are getting ready to pay me back for the change done about a year ago..

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    Hello. We own a 2000 Honda

    Hello. We own a 2000 Honda Insight. Recently, the driver's side fender skirt (the part that covers the wheel) fell off. I'd love to find a used replacement. Any thoughts?

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    I've been dealing with the

    I've been dealing with the problem you mentioned for the past year. My 200 Insight had around 150000 miles, and I've done nothing but dump money into it on parts. I had a great mechanic that searched everywhere for used and aftermarket parts, all to no avail. Now my main electric battery died, and the car is essentially junk. If I could do it again, I would have bought this car.


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    I think the 1st-Gen Honda

    I think the 1st-Gen Honda hybrids had problems with their catalytic converters. I used to have a 2003 Civic hybrid and it blew a catalytic converter every 30,000 miles like clockwork. Honda replaced it under warranty the first three times. I begged them to replace it a 4th time outside of warranty and they did. When the fifth one blew (at 140k miles) it was at the same time that the battery pack was wearing out (IMA light on, fuel economy down to 38 MPG like a regular Civic) and the air conditioner died. So I traded it in.

    I probably will buy an Insight-II, but I will wait until 2012 when they release the bug-free version.

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    My 2000 Honda Insight Main

    My 2000 Honda Insight Main Battery died also at 158,000 miles, during the time it was dead I got BETTER gas mileage than when it was working. I think because the battery charger was not steeling power from the engine (exceeded 80 mpg). Then Honda replaced my main battery under warrenty because I begged and they said ok (it was out of warrenty). Now, I get the same crappy mileage as before (65 mpg). oh well - waiting for it to die again.

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