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    Federal Tax incentives

    $2,000 in 2003
    $1,500 in 2004
    $1,000 in 2005
    $500 in 2006

    Will the new administration improve the incentives?

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    Federal Tax incentives

    i believe the incentives really just raise the purchase price by the same amount. in time, by 2006, there will be a good number of hybrids on the road and that alone will provide the best incentive by word of mouth information.

    the tax incentives for home solar electric for instance, raised the system price by the same amount. roughly $10,000. this year the incentives ended on july 1st, and oddly enough the purchase price - the consumer's net out of pocket price - did not change.

    see ya


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    Federal Tax incentives

    The fed recently raised the incentive for calendar year 2005 back to $2,000. So far it drops to $500 for 2006 and zero after that unless Congress intervenes.

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