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    Georgia considering HOV lane use for Hybrids

    Resending w/typos corrected:

    As noted above, this web site link has a good summary of where things stand officially: http://www.dot.state.ga.us/specialsu.../hov-afv.shtml

    The Georgia Code sections are Section 32-9-4 (allowing use of Georgia’s HOV lanes by certain hybrids if such use of HOV lanes is permitted by Federal law), and Section 40-2-76 (specifying the issuance of license plates for hybrid vehicles for such use).

    DNR has taken the position that they must wait for the U.S. E.P.A. to conduct a rule making and issue a list of vehicles. However, this position is belied by the fact that other states have already proceeded to enable HOV access. Florida is one example – right next door. A year ago already Florida issued its list of approved vehicles and implemented their program (using vehicle stickers). You can view it at http://www.hsmv.state.fl.us/html/titlinf.html I brought this to the attention of William Cook, who is in charge of this issue at Georgia DNR’s EPD (404- 363-7028), almost a year ago. Yet as I understand it they have NOT followed Florida’s example and moved this thing forward.

    Why Florida has moved forward smoothly on this issue, while Georgia’s state agencies are frozen on this and flouting Georgia law?

    Call Mr. Cook and complain. Also contact Judy Reynolds at the Governor's office (who handles DNR matters) and complain -- 404-656-1776.

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    Georgia considering HOV lane use for Hybrids

    Here is today's e-mail from EPA:

    "...this is to respond to your recent email to EPA regarding the
    use of hybrids on HOV lanes. The 2005 Transportation Act directed EPA
    to put in place regulations that HOV areas could use to provide HOV
    occupancy exemptions for energy efficient vehicles, including hybrids.
    EPA must undertake a full rulemaking process for this action. This
    means we must first issue a proposal, take comment on the proposal, and
    then issue a final rule. A draft of the proposed rule is currently
    undergoing Agency review and we hope to issue the proposal soon. EPA
    will then need to finalize the regulations, which will take several
    months after that to complete, so it's likely that it will be early next
    year before the final regulation is issued.

    I hope this information has been helpful. If you have any further
    questions, please let me know.


    Holly Pugliese
    US EPA

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    Wow. A whole year later and

    Wow. A whole year later and still nothing's been done. No one in GA government gives a r*ts *ss. Typical.

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    Its true.. The problem with

    Its true.. The problem with Ga is nobody wants to take responsability and do the right thing. I have talked to the dept. of Natural Resources: James Udi and William Cook. Tel 404-363-7031 and 404-3363-7028. I keep getting nothing from these people. I tried to contact Doug Hooper from the tag office. He never returned my call. 404-362-2650. It seems that they are not going to do anything until lawyers get involved and that is ashame. Contact you local representitive or even better the Govenor. The current law, passed by the GA. General Assembly is in the GA code. 32.9.4 and 40.2.76. HR-14-passed and signed by the govenor on 2/09/05. California has started to issue the stickers at $8.00 a pop and we are still sitting on our hands looking like fools. But thats just my opinion.

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