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As noted above, this web site link has a good summary of where things stand officially:

The Georgia Code sections are Section 32-9-4 (allowing use of Georgia’s HOV lanes by certain hybrids if such use of HOV lanes is permitted by Federal law), and Section 40-2-76 (specifying the issuance of license plates for hybrid vehicles for such use).

DNR has taken the position that they must wait for the U.S. E.P.A. to conduct a rule making and issue a list of vehicles. However, this position is belied by the fact that other states have already proceeded to enable HOV access. Florida is one example – right next door. A year ago already Florida issued its list of approved vehicles and implemented their program (using vehicle stickers). You can view it at I brought this to the attention of William Cook, who is in charge of this issue at Georgia DNR’s EPD (404- 363-7028), almost a year ago. Yet as I understand it they have NOT followed Florida’s example and moved this thing forward.

Why Florida has moved forward smoothly on this issue, while Georgia’s state agencies are frozen on this and flouting Georgia law?

Call Mr. Cook and complain. Also contact Judy Reynolds at the Governor's office (who handles DNR matters) and complain -- 404-656-1776.