The problem with Ga is nobody wants to take responsability and do the right thing. I have talked to the dept. of Natural Resources: James Udi and William Cook. Tel 404-363-7031 and 404-3363-7028. I keep getting nothing from these people. I tried to contact Doug Hooper from the tag office. He never returned my call. 404-362-2650. It seems that they are not going to do anything until lawyers get involved and that is ashame. Contact you local representitive or even better the Govenor. The current law, passed by the GA. General Assembly is in the GA code. 32.9.4 and 40.2.76. HR-14-passed and signed by the govenor on 2/09/05. California has started to issue the stickers at $8.00 a pop and we are still sitting on our hands looking like fools.