// Mercedes or BMW ?
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    Mercedes or BMW ?

    BMW for sure. it was always one of the top auto makers in terms of reliability.

    performance: BMW again, and you can check and compare any BMW and its corresponding MB: BMW will always have an advantage in terms of performance, drivability and safety.

    luxury: if you compare 3 series with C-Klasse, and 5 series with E-Klasse, MB is more luxurious. 7 series is at the same level with S-Klasse, however 7 series is much more reliable and has better perfomances than S-Klasse.

    in terms of maintenance: BMW is much cheaper to maintain, especially due to longer service intervals.

    overall, if you're looking for performance and safety in a luxury car, you should choose BMW. if you look for luxury and don't care about performance, it all comes to personal taste; BMW is for a more dynamic person.

    I worked as a sales manager for a BMW dealership in Europe for 3 years, i used to do this kind of comparison all the time.

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    BMW for sure

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    I am a huge fan of BMW. definitely going with that.......

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    Hands down BMW.

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    BMW all the way

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    i love ford
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    bmw for sure .. for more help ...

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    BMW is not a bad choice to make but I would go for Mercedes!

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    The competition is getting close when it comes to hybrid cars nowadays. Yet BMW and Mercedes still tops when it comes to luxury.

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    BMW. I very want to buy BMW M5 or new M8, very beautiful cars. Also like audi, but BMW is the best Germany's car.

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