// Hv battery or other traction motor problem?
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    Hv battery or other traction motor problem?

    Hi all
    I’m a new member on this side, please help me on some issues with my hybrid car.
    I got a 2006 Ford Escape hybrid for 1500usd, 160kmile on it. I had it for about a year or so as of now. I noticed it relay on gasoline engine primarily of the time to run and only very little amount or nearly nothing on the hv battery. It does go into EV mode at red light and only runs about like 10 seconds speed under 20mph on hv battery and the regular engine will kick on. So it made me thinking of my hv battery pack is nearly dead.
    Car starts up fine every time, never had issue starting up. Reverse gear feels very low in house power, sometimes I need to step harder rev up more to back up over a bump.
    Charging and assist gauge needle stick barely move, it will only move a little bit to the discharge side while hard acceleration and move little bit back to the charging side while braking.

    I am suspecting the HV battery is nearly dead. Or somewhere in the system prevents HV battery to charge up to a state it can assist car with hp.

    Please give my some ideas on where to start checking what the problem is.
    Thank you
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    Check the thermostat. Had a 2007 FEH with the thermostat stuck open that had symptoms like yours. The FordTechMakuloco YouTube channel has a good video on the issue.

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