Hi everyone
I recently had the cat stolen from my 2003 civic hybrid 1.3 ima.

Being the fix everything myself type of guy I'm thinking of sorting this out myself but have come across a couple of issues I'm struggling to resolve

First is the type of lambda used for the pre and post cat position, are these the 4 wire type Bosch units used on most stuff these days, I'm presuming the pre cat one regulates the fueling and the down stream one just senses cat condition like most OBD2 stuff

The second problem is what plug is connected to what lambda position.
Having a look under the car both lambda plugs are located on the passenger side of the car (UK) next to where the down pipe runs past the front subframe one on top of the other. As the lovely chaps who stole my cat chopped the wires short I have no idea what plug connects to what lambda position.

If anyone has an es9 civic and could have a quick look that would be ace and would save me alot of hassle.

Kind regards