bought a project car. it was $500.

engine starts, idles smooth.

pulled the battery pack and checked all the batteries, they are solid. IMA works fine.

A/C is cold

all interior electrics are working.

only issue is lack of drive. put in gear and it only revs up, D light blinks and throws P700 and P1886.
I've looked up both, and focusing on the P1886. output speed sensor.

DTC Troubleshooting: P1886 testing shows all normal voltages. except: i'm not sure what "Is there about 0 V or 5 V?" really means. when i connect the sensor with the meter on the pins, it drops from 5v to 0.7v Its 0.7 a valid voltage for "about 0v" or is the sensor bad?

im going to buy the service manual soon. i have no issues with pulling and repairing a transmission.