// Fan speed issue I messed up
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    Fan speed issue I messed up

    I'm running a grid charger and thought I had read the instructions thoroughly but I messed up and wasn't paying attention. Forgot the charger was still plugged into the vehicle, charging and against the explicit instructions not to do so, I started the car with the grid charger connected to the IMA battery. I understand this sends energy from the IMA motor to the charger and battery, multiple signals to the computers etc and is why they state in the instructions not to do it.

    I admit I did briefly turn the ignition during the second charging session to roll down the rear windows and start the car. I now realize this was a mistake, and it's my fault. If this is the cause of my constantly running fan, what can I do to reset it?

    I'm going to try to unplug the fan harness, disconnect the 12v ground and unplug any IMA computer related connectors for a bit and then plug it all back in and hopefully reset everything. Any other ideas? Thanks Cedric

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    Well this is not the solution according to me. why dont you contact with official dealer they also offer home services to try any experiment at home is very dangerous my friend also try to do this type of things at home most of the time his car got stopped on the road and most of the time i provide him the Car towing services just cause of its experiment at home you shouldnt try this kindly contact to the official service station.
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    the blower motor in our pickup died recently. It was a slow agonizing death, but we haven't had the money to get it taken care of. It is very possible the bearings on the motor are giving out, and 4 is the only speed that puts enough juice into it to turn the spindle.
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