If the administrators of this site could respond, I would appreciate it. You're listing the MPG of the Ford C-Max Hybrid as 35/40, while its EPA estimate is 47/47/47. I have had a C-Max for a week and a half now (so it's nowhere near being broken in), and I have tracked my mileage to work - mostly 55-60 and under mph with rolling hills -- as 47.2 (my personal best for a short trip was 55.3). I haven't tested it a lot on a highway, but what I have seen is averaging around 41-42. But I'm certainly getting much better than the 35/40 shown on this website that has apparently been arbitrarily changed from Ford's 47/47/47 EPA estimate.

I'm aware that there's a lawsuit pending regarding the EPA estimate, but from what I've seen from other C-Max owners on other forums it's unfair to decide to change the mileage estimate to be so much lower than what we're actually getting in the real world, especially those of us who are experienced hybrid drivers.

Bear in mind also that we're on winter blend gasoline, E10 in my area, which is known to give lower mpg. Ford tests with 100% gasoline. My guess is that my C-Max will shake out to be very close to Ford's estimates once it's broken in, and with city driving will even exceed it.

Please give consideration to changing the mpg you show for the C-Max. For the size of this car and the horsepower it has (188), I'm very pleased with the mpg I'm getting. I'm a former 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid owner (now there was a car that couldn't live up to its EPA estimate)!