Hi All

I am a grade 5 student

I am working on an assignment that is associated with Toyota hybrid cars. I
have a few questions that I would like to ask regarding Toyota Hybrids but have not been successful as of yet to get answers directly from Toyota.

I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me with the answers to these questions. due to my assignment requirements this has to be in an interview or email reply form.

Your help in facilitating the answers to these questions would be greatly

Thank you for your time

1) What are Toyota most successful hybrid car and how many units they
sold in Canada in 2015/16?

2) How did Toyota get inspired to start producing hybrid models?

3) How many units of the Toyota Prius have been sold in Canada?

4) If you were to rate Toyota hybrid models against other Toyota
on a one to ten scale (one being the lowest and ten being the highest) what
would it be and why?

5) Are there any improvements that Toyota can make in their hybrid models?
If yes, then what are they?

6) In the future what do you think Toyota hybrid cars will look

7)If you had to design a new hybrid model, what would you call it and how
many mpg would the car be able to achieve?

8) How well do you think Toyota competes with other hybrid car

9) What could you use the technology of the Toyota hybrid system for
(other than cars. Ex: Tesla uses their technology to launch rockets)?

10) Self-driving cars are new technology. Google has created a self-driving
car and so has Tesla. Do you think Toyota will ever make a self-driving