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    Ima battery replacement

    Took my 2004 honda civic hybrid to honda service and they said problem in IMA battery. CODE 1433 .They said it needs replacement... they say though the original proce is almost $6500, but out of good will they will replace it with a brand new and 2 yr warranty for me for $1250 including labor...
    what can be the catch here? what do u think made them come down so low from 6500.

    also i read in this forum where people have said that repoacing costs almost $3000 to $4500..So why are they doing it for so low... they also charged me nothing for checking??
    all these have made be doubtful.. what do u say??

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    The class action lawsuit is why! I just got mine replaced for free about two weeks ago. Said the warranty had just been extended to 96,600 and I had 96,048. I specifically asked about warranty on this IMA battery they just put in. 12 mo or 12,000 which ever comes first.

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    you are paying about 3 times more than you need to for replacement battery pak at$ 6.500.00 Go to hybridbatterydepot.com and save $4,000.00
    also try reinvolt.com and try goggle.com rebuilt honda civic battery paks. I think i saw them in the price range of 1500.00 to 2000.00

    1250.00 including labor is a good price, but is it a new battery pack or a rebuilt pack? look into getting a second oppinion from another honda dealer just to be sure some one is not telling you a story to make themselves a money paying job.

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