Hello everyone. I own a 2006 HCH RHD. A few weeks ago my IMA charge would be drained at any given time. i would drive the car to work (about 15 minutes) and it would be fully charged. By the time i take lunch (5 hours later) it would be drained. OR i would drive it all day with no issues, arrive home, put it in park and turn off and then it would die. I would still be in the car and have to manually unlock the doors to get out lol.

I don't know what the issue is. My IMA light isn't on and i changed my 12V battery several months ago. I cannot afford to purchase a new battery at all.

Also, i just need to open and close the car door once or twice for the battery to come back in. Then i'll start the car and the meter would be at zero and my clock resets.