Hey guys,

As the world is slowly not liking what we are doing to it with all the greenhouse gasses and global warming going off, i think its about time i started doing my little bit to help the environment. I have been looking into buying a new car but i wan't to go hybrid, obviously the Honda Accord or the Prius are the 2 main hybrid cars people go for. I have been looking into the Honda CR-Z hybrid 2016 model and it's looking pretty sweet to me i will place some specs below. What i am here for is this will be my first hybrid so what things should i look out for? what is the maintenance like to keep them running as well as possible? What does it feel like to go from gas to electric? I know these days the hybrid cars are designed very well and that it should be hard to tell the difference in the later models.

Year: 2016
Make: Honda
Model: CR-Z
Engine: In-line 4 cylinder
Displacement: 1497cc / 1.5 L
Transmission: 6 speed manual

Also if anyone on here has this car could you share your experiences with the CR-Z itself please!
Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to chatting to everyone.

Thanks guys