// 2004 Civic Hybrid IMA Light - Car Won't Start - ABS/Braking Light
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    2004 Civic Hybrid IMA Light - Car Won't Start - ABS/Braking Light

    I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid Automatic with 132,000 Miles on it.

    Yesterday morning my IMA Light came on out of no where. I drove it to work, just a mile down the road, and it was fine.

    Then yesterday afternoon I started it, and my IMA, ABS, and Braking, Lights all came on. Braking felt different - stiffer.

    This morning, the car would start at all - it just clicked repeatedly, and flashed all of the lights on the Gage Face.

    Does this mean I need a new 12-V battery, or new IMA?

    Please help, Thanks!


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    Based on the symptoms, I

    Based on the symptoms, I would say you definitely need a new 12V battery.
    The Instrument cluster flashing at you along with an IMA light one simply means that the hybrid system failed to initialize properly and crashed on power-up. A weak 12V battery causes this 99% of the time.



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    Thank You! I am in the

    Thank You! I am in the process of getting a new 12-V Battery. Will update later. Thanks again.

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    Hi, I had THE EXACT thing

    I had THE EXACT thing happen to me yesterday and today...in the EXACT order you described.

    I drove my car just fine yesterday, stopped at the grocery store and when I started the car again the ima light along with brake and abs light were on...never happened before.

    Breaking did feel stiffer. I parked my car and this morning it wouldn't start at all. Ended up getting a jump start from a friend and drove home with the ima light on again.

    I'm very curious about this. my car has about 86000 miles on it and I find it strange that we encountered the EXACT same problem...in the same order.

    My battery is brand new. It was replaced a couple months ago, which really made me wonder what could have drained my battery overnight. (lights weren't left on, I checked)

    Anyway, I just wanted to share. I wonder if this is a problem in the 04 hybrid system and more people are experiencing this.

    I would love if you could let me know if you find out anything else.

    Thank you!

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    For the person that has the

    For the person that has the new battery; I would recommend you unplug the 12 v Battery and leave it that way over night and reconnect it the next morning. I had a similar problem and that solved it.

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    I have an 07' civic that

    I have an 07' civic that started showing the IMA and batter lights yesterday. I did some research last night and was told to check 10 amp fuse in the ubderhood fuse box. Anyone else?

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    I have an 2004 hybrid Honda

    I have an 2004 hybrid Honda Civic with 125,000 miles. The same thing happened to me last weekend. I tried starting my car in the morning and it was totally dead. I pulled the battery out and had it checked at the local auto parts store. It was bad and I bought a new battery. Well here's the dumb part. I installed the battery and forgot to take the negative post cover off and of course my car wouldn't start. So I jumped started it.
    I went around the block and came home and shut the car off.
    Immediately I tried to start it again and it wouldn't start. I also had the brake, ABS, and IMA lights on.
    So I jumped started it in the morning not knowing the post plug was still on and drove it to the Honda dealership. I felt dumb when the tech showed me the plastic post cover and said that was one of the problems. But they weren't able to reset the ABS code when they ran their tests. Apparently the vehicle had an internal failure on the ABS system. The car was parked through the night at the dealership and it wouldn't start again.. It so happened or the Honda technicians believe since the ABS system failed it automatically shuts down the IMA which in turn drains the 12v Battery. I didn't want to buy an ABS system. Too costly about $1,500.00. The technicians said if I parked it over night to disconnect the negative cable on the battery so it would not drain. So that's what I have to do for now until I can get the ABS replaced. It's still drivable. I will not get great gas mileage but oh well. I hope this helps somebody out there. Anybody have a 2004 Hybrid Honda Civic ABS for sale out there for a good price? A used one will do.

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    14 Weeks in the shop 2004

    14 Weeks in the shop 2004 Civic Hybrid - same thing happened to me 86,000 miles. After 14 weeks in shop I gave up on dealer and had car towed to another place. Took technician 3 hours - short in the A/C Relay switch - shorted battery so replaced 12v battery and haven't had that problem again up to 150K. A/c did go out though and they had to "shimmy" unit now works fine.

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    HI I HAVE A 2004 honda civic

    HI I HAVE A 2004 honda civic hybird and my car keep showing me the battery and keep braking down could you say what is the problem iwas told i need the battety but i cant get any.

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    I have a 2004 civic Hybrid

    I have a 2004 civic Hybrid with 158K miles. IMA light on for the last 30K miles. Told by the dealer I needed New IMA module etc for a mere $2500. Thanks but no thanks. Car still gets 36-38 MPG, still as gutless as usual. No problems starting or diriving. I can put a lot of fuel in this car for the $2500 repair job they want. Not worth it. MY LAST hybrid for me, especially for a noisy little rough riding car. My VW Diesel is twice the car.

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