// Altima Hybrid Recalls and subsequent problems.
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    Altima Hybrid Recalls and subsequent problems.

    Greetings all.
    I recently took my wife's Altima hybrid in for a few recalls.
    Air filter, Air deflector and key fob. Seems pretty easy, right?
    When I got my car back, I made it a few miles, and all of the hybrid systems warning indicators came on.
    A quick look under the hood revealed that the duct leading from the front of the car to the Air Box was loose. Whats more, the seal where the duct leads into the airbox was practically not there.
    This is an assembly that would need to be removed in order to replace the air filter.

    This would lead m to believe that the car was not getting a proper air flow.

    The only way I think this could relate to the Hybrid Systems faults would be temperature related. Possibly due to overheat of some wiring assemblies. I have searched a few forums, and have found at least one other person that seemed to have this exact same problem. There were no replies on that thread though. So, has anyone experienced something similar? What was the root cause, when it was all said and done?

    I took my car into a certified dealer for the recall repairs. On the checkoff sheet, they list that all of the coolin system/heater/air conditioning hoses and assemblies checked out OK. Clearly this is not the case. This is most definitely something that would have been seen by the auto tech. This is also something that should have been discussed with me at the time of work, yes?

    Thanks for reading, any info anyone out there has would be most helpful.


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    It's a great car. I think the hybrid is the future

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