// My New BMW i8 Reviewed
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    My New BMW i8 Reviewed

    Alright everybody, my name's Den. Just signed up to the forum as I'm a hybrid driver. I have been based in India for several years with my work. I recently purchased a BMW i8 from an online seller as I wanted to try and clean-up my carbon footprint a little. I thought i'd just let you know what I think about the i8 in case anyone out there is interested in buying. I've always been a fan of BMW so it was probably what made me go for their hybrid above the others available in India at present.

    I had tried driving my friends all-electric i3 and was quite impressed being my first experience of electric cars. Although i'd like to go all-electric in my heart, my head tells me that maybe a hybrid is a more sensible way to go with my needs and expectations in mind.

    The i8 has a real sporty feel to it, you could say its a kind of green supercar i suppose. You get 231bhp from the twinpower turbo petrol engine and 131bhp from the electric motor. In electric only mode it can hit 120kmph but has a top speed of 250mph otherwise. I actually do enjoy driving it in full electric mode, the engine is super quite and you can just hear the faint whistle I suppose you'd call it, from the electric engine. You can get 37 Km's out of it in all electric mode or there abouts.

    There's different variations of modes you can set and each one will use a different balance of electric and petrol power, you can hardly tell the different as it eases between modes. For a sports car, the fuel efficiency is amazing. At best, using mainly the electric motor, you'll get upto 47kms per litre and even at its worst, you'll get 11 km per litre. All-in-all, I'm very happy with how it runs, how it feels and how it looks so I can't really say anymore than that. Obviously it doesn't come cheap but if you can afford it, I'd highly recommend.

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    I think one of the downside of the i8, aside from its price, is its weight. its 1300lbs overweight, just like the i3, for a CF car of their size.

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    If I could afford it, it would probably what I would buy my wife instead of a Prius.

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    I will give you a website about a BMW vehicle directory

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    the i8 is very rare in India

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