I recently purchased a used 2006 HCH. Absolutely love it. My first Honda and first hybrid, it's great! One thing I noticed is that my AUX outlet does not work. When plugging in my iPod with an auxiliary cord, it connects for a few seconds and then goes back to FM radio. My question is 1) Is it common that the AUX connecter itself may break or go out from too much usage? If so, can I buy the new piece online and install it myself? (For reference, I have the NAV system.)

I also had one more question about the audio. I recently got a new phone. I noticed on my previous phone that when I plugged it into the car charger and I played a YouTube video, it would connect over my radio and play the song/video through the radio/speakers. With my new phone, I have tried the same thing and it just plays on my phone and won't connect through the radio. 1) Is there something I need to be pressing on my radio to play it? Or would you believe it is my phone?

Thank you if I can get any help!