// Are 3d printed cars the next frontier?
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    Are 3d printed cars the next frontier?

    Hello Everyone,

    So I have been reading stuff about 3d printing car parts recently.

    Apparently, you can make your own cars using something called a 3d printer..

    I am not sure what that is but it seems like you can pretty much do it
    from home (Sorry I am not a Techy).

    I also found that a lot of big companies and individuals (Like this guy from China who made a real car for under $8000), are using 3d printing to make
    real vehicles.

    Reference link:

    Also, this person can show you how to make a iPhone holder for a BMW z4.


    Have you guys ever made anything using 3d Printing? Love to learn from someone with a little bit more knowledge on this subject than myself. Thx!

    PS: I want to make my own car parts too
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    hey, this one's possible! i bet in the future, if 3D printers become more reliable, i think people can use it for DIY-ing some car stuff

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    It's now 2020 and there is still no hype about 3D printed car parts.

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