2006 Ford Escape Hybrid

Back in November 2014 I was driving on the highway when the 'Stop Safely Now' message came up on my dash along with a red triangle with and exclaimation point. I lost all engine power but my electrical was working perfectly fine (including my power steering)

After some research I discovered a recall for the electric motor cooling pump and after 4 months of waiting for a part/appointment I had it replaced.

About a week later I was driving on the highway and again the same incident occured. I contacted the Ford dealership that completed the recall, they told me they 'would have to try again' and would call me back.
The service manager called back and left a message saying that after speaking with someone he discovered that they could be MANY issues that could cause this engine failure which, in my opinion should mean that all of these vehicles be recalled and owners reimbursed! It is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Anyways, before these occurances, I was having a 'service soon' message appear along with a wrench symbol. I did some research and discovered it could be that the acctuator door motor for the HVAC system was faulty and this could cause the engine to shut down. So, I purchased a new actuator motor ($50) and installed it myself. The 'service soon' message was no longer appearing and my car felt like it was driving a lot smoother.

Thinking I solved the problem I started driving on the highway and after about an hour of driving it happend again, same occurance. Complete loss of engine power at high speeds.

I have been able to pull over safely and turn off the vehicle for a short amount of time before starting it again and getting to my destination without another issue. Except now I'm at a loss. I just called the dealership and they want $225 for a diagnostics test which is $100 more than the base diagnostics charge becase 'it's a hybrid'.

I realize there are posts on this issue from a couple years ago but I'm wondering if there are any developments that anyone has come across with their hybrids?

I'm not sure where to go from here except to pay a lot of money to hopefully discover a problem that would cost me even more money to fix. My husband and myself are big on DIY and have been able fix pretty much everything to this point.