The Tesla Model S has no direct competition; the electric luxury hatchback is the benchmark among its kind in a market with more than 20 plug-in models. It is likely the most advanced car on the planet. It remains the best demonstration of the potential for electric cars to transform the way we travel and the energy we use to do so. But there is always a place for improvement and accentuation on your own style. Rear spoiler is a perfect element for any Tesla model, that will help you to personalize it and keep the original spirit of the car.

D2S offers 2 options for the Tesla S model - Factory Style Rear Lip Spoiler and Tesoro Style Rear Roofline Spoiler. They are available in Painted, Unpainted and Carbon Fiber versions.

D2SŪ - Factory Style Rear Lip Spoiler is perfectly contoured and just large enough to bring high performance appeal to an otherwise boring deck lid. The factory inspired form of this spoiler will accentuate already dynamic design of your car. It is made from ABS plastic and installs easily with 3M™ automotive-grade double-sided tape.

D2SŪ TES-R1 - Tesoro Style Rear Roofline Spoiler is perfect when you want to add a touch of speed without radically changing your vehicle appearance. Its low profile provides an understated high performance look while blending perfectly with your car clean lines. It is made from FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) and also installs easily with 3M™ automotive-grade double-sided tape.

Which one do you like the most?