// Chevy Cross Volt, is it actually going to happen?
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    Post Chevy Cross Volt, is it actually going to happen?

    so whats going with this whole trademark situation with Chevy and the Cross Volt? Is this thing ever going to make it out to production?

    The company has renewed its trademark on the CrossVolt brand name, according to a recent report in Autoblog--leading to speculation that a future vehicle in the Volt range might offer AWD.

    The prefix \\\"Cross\\\" is frequently used to indicate a raised and sturdier-looking version of an existing model, or a new and more utility-oriented model in an existing lineup, especially in Europe and Asia.

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    I'm also waiting from a long time for Chevy Cross Volt but the company did not even starts it's manufacturing yet.

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    I'm not so sure it's going to happen any more. They do need to offer more Volt options but it seems like they just can't handle the production. That, and demand has leveled off for the Volt.

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