// Mpg plummeted... 2008 civic hybrid
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    Mpg plummeted... 2008 civic hybrid

    Hi, I inherited my dad\\'s 2008 civic hybrid back in October. It started off averaging around 43 mpg according to the display. We reset it every fill up and it would be around that each time.
    After a couple weeks a tire was low on air and mps suffered. After properly re inflating it was great again.
    We drove the car from MN to WA where we live and it dropped on the trip to around 32-34 mpg. I wasn\\'t surprised by that.
    What baffles me is that we\\'ve never gotten it up over 35 mpg since we got here. We got an oil change after we got to WA and have even put on brand new tires (goodyear assurance fuel max or something like that). With the way my husband drives it\\'s dropped to 25 mpg now. 25... That\\'s crap! I get that on my 2009 Ford Escape non hybrid. The car was hit while parked a month ago and hasn\\'t been fixed (bumper popped out on passenger side but it\\'s not waving around or anything.) The fuel economy didn\\'t seem to really suffer until just after Christmas, 3 weeks after the damage.
    I\\'m trying to convince my husband that idling in the car ( he is a serial idler despite my pleas in any and every car) is at least part of the cause, but he doesn\\'t believe me because it started to suffer as soon as we left MN.
    Any ideas in addition to idling that might contribute to the initial decline and subsequent decline in fuel economy?

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    Might have the NiMh battery checked out for the IMA system. I do believe that year was known for potential issues. Honda has since changed battery chemistries for the Civic Hybrid. ... Hope I am wrong, but it does occur to me to check ...

    Jeff Cobb

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