// The Future of Hybrids and other Electric Vehicles
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    Lightbulb The Future of Hybrids and other Electric Vehicles

    Here is a video organized by Stanford University inviting Mr. Sherif Marakby, Director of Electrification Programs and Engineering at Ford Motor Company, to discuss recent technological advances made by Ford in the realm of vehicle electrification, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and full-battery electric vehicles, as well as Ford's strategy to make electrification a growing and sustainable part of its international vehicle fleet.

    To watch the complete video
    Click: https://clip.mn/video/yt-HwxA_7IvDLo

    For any sub section or topic you are interested in:
    (Click the links)

    History of Electric Vehicles:

    Why Hybrid Solutions are better?: http://clip.mn/tag/MTk1ZGE3YmY

    Overview of Cars to be announced: http://clip.mn/tag/MDM4OGNiMzY

    2020 Global Electrification Volume Projections: http://clip.mn/tag/YzI3ZDA5ZmE

    2015 Global OEM Volume Production Plans: http://clip.mn/tag/Y2U4MzExZjM

    Different Types of Hybrid Technologies: http://clip.mn/tag/Njk1ODYyYTY

    Components of an Electric Vehicle: http://clip.mn/tag/ZDIyMGRlNzI

    FORD Power Split Hybrid System: http://clip.mn/tag/ZmRkNmQxNWM

    FORD Plug-in Hybrid System Architecture: http://clip.mn/tag/NDhkMjNjZjM

    Features of Plug-in Hybrids: http://clip.mn/tag/ODBkZjM0N2M

    Hybrid Battery Technology Comparison: http://clip.mn/tag/NWY1MzkyOGE

    Driving Patterns:

    Components of the Car that are NOT part of it: http://clip.mn/tag/YjY3MGY5M2Y

    Ford and Microsoft Team up for a Solution: http://clip.mn/tag/NWE5ZjlmMDA

    Charging the Vehicle:

    Challenges and Obstacles of Electric Vehicles: http://clip.mn/tag/NjAyNTZkYTI

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    Hybrid cars are better than any fossil fuel alternative but what we really need is a new form of energy. We ned to take our transportation to the next level. That can only happen through a new way of traveling. I'm not sure if teleportation is possible because it doesn't happen in nature. Or does it? If you believe in a person's soul (Energy), that leaves the body once a person's body is expired (Too old) then perhaps it is possible? That's what we need to think about and work on. Interstellar traveling on a molecular level. Turning ourselves into 'hybrids'. Whoa . . . Mind blown . . . but to be honest . . . not really. It is possible.

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    thanks for those informative links

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