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    Hybrid with a salvage title

    I saw an old (first-generation) prius on craigslist for $4000 with 65k miles in the color I like, but it has a salvage title. I was thinking about getting it, since a salvage title is the only way in HELL I'll ever be able to afford a hybrid.

    I know the risks often associated with salvage cars, and maybe it goes double for hybrids due to the 500-volt lines and the battery stuff. If that was damaged severely, and not repaied properly, that could lead to trouble.

    However, salvage cars can be repaired and then sold again. This one looks good (there are photos all around, and it looks like it's never been hit; however, I'm still unsure aboout under the hood due to the issues I brought up last paragraph.

    Any advice on this???

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    Hybrid with a salvage title

    Run away, Rocky - don't touch that car with a twenty-foot pole. It was probably under water after Katrina. Get the VIN and check it out with one the services like CARFAX at http://www.carfax.com/.

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    Hybrid with a salvage title

    Carfax released all of their flood information for free, you can go to www.carfax.com/flood so that no one would be stuck with a Katrina car. They also have a free odometer check at www.carfax.com/free so that you can see if there were any odometer rollbacks or TMU not actual mileage title.

    I did both of these and it shows no flood damage and no mileage discrepancies.

    The VIN of the car in question is jt2bk12u310025185

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    As someone who has bought a salvage title before, I'd really think twice because the resell value is definitely a lot lower. I originally did not care because I told myself, I'll keep this forever.

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    iam looking for this kind of

    iam looking for this kind of to sell them in overesea thanx

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    Consider a good junk yard is

    Consider a good junk yard is a better option to get a right salvage car , And you can revised the salvage car and use it and also sell it.
    So you can choose a better way which you like.
    -Salvage Car

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    the last two cars i bought

    the last two cars i bought were salvage cars and i had absolutely no trouble with them. great cars

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    if you are keeping it and

    if you are keeping it and have the know how to repair cars, then great deals on salvage cars can be found. I am looking for a Civic r Camry hybrid myself right now that is wrecked. By myself I never buy salvage cars that have water damage, fire damage or major rollovers. I have purchased and fixed a couple salvage cars to date and they were fine. I am driving one currently. You need to look them over well and buy because you want it, not because you want to resell it. People will buy them after fixed, there is a car lot near here that fixes and sells rebuilt salvage automobiles. And the place I bought my last car from fixes and sells some of them.

    I know at least in Ohio, the title will forever say REBUILT SALVAGE on it. After buying and fixing you need to pay a fee and schedule with the Hwy patrol (in Ohio at least) to have the car inspected. It doesn't need to be painted or complete 100% with all trim etc., but you need headlights and all normal safety stuff I would say. They inspect looking for stolen parts. They will put it up on a lift and on one car they removed part of my dash and more looking at part numbers. You need to have receipts for ALL new replacement parts you put on the car and both receipts and VIN numbers for any parts you got from donor cars in salvage yards etc.

    For Ohio your inspection receipt is your tag to drive on to go to the inspection. You need to insure the car before you go to the inspection though and take the car on the road unless maybe you town it there (?).

    Unless super cheap I would only buy something I can start and hear run as well. Check and inspect the fluids for signs of premature wear, check underneath for hidden damage. Look at various angles and inspect for serious frame/unibody damage and so on. Take a second person with you maybe who knows there stuff so they can maybe catch something you miss unless you really trust yourself. I always have been alone but I have done this several times.

    Some places that sell salvage cars will give you package deals on the car and sheet metal parts both. A place I have bought from also has honest emplyees who will tell you about damage you may not see. Just tell them what you are looking for as in how much repair is needed and they will show you what they have in stock that fits the bill.

    It is www.CarConnectionOhio.com in Middletown, Ohio. Great place that gets new cars in a couple times a week I think. check out their site and facebook page for info. Good luck and salvage car hunters! ;-)

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    the term hybrid vehicle is

    the term hybrid vehicle is used, it most often refers to a Hybrid electric vehicle. These encompass such vehicles as the Saturn Vue, Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid Lexus RX 400h and 450h and others. Milwaukee Movers

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    Honda Hybrid

    I recently purchased a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with 160,000 miles on it for 4300 after
    I purchased it I found out it had a salvage title did I over pay ? Its a very needed car because of the gas mileage and due to my husbands work it saves us a lot on gas.

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