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    For those of us who can't afford a new car or desire a car that there are no plans of having a hybrid made, ie Pickup truck, is there any device in the works that can clean up emission of current automotive technology.

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    I purchased a 2007 Silverado

    I purchased a 2007 Silverado with the 8 cyl engine thats supposed to shut down to 4 cylinders once its out on flat road and hte problem I seem to have is it doesn't seem to go into or stay in 4 cylinder mode very much it's almost like one must kind of coax it into the 4 cyl mode, I've had it back to the dealership (Bergstroms in Appleton WI) a couple of times and initially they told me once you get about 10,000-12000 miles on it will get better milage and of coarse this hasn't been the case. At first they drove it for a while and thought the same thing as I did that it was not going into 4 cylinder mode enough then they came back and said it's doing what it's supposed to do. Does anyone know if there is some type of adjustable setting on this system?

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