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    Out of State Prius

    About to buy a 2010 Prius and did a CarFax on it before leaving and found out that the car was originally bought and registered in Pensilvania. Now it's registered in California and I'm in California but I heard somewhere that there is some sort of challenge with taxes or something if I buy and try to change title and register the car in my name if hybrid was first bought and sold out of state. Been Googling all night for straight dope on this without much luck. Could someone please give me the details on this?

    Thank you

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    I bought a used 2007 Prius in California a month ago (Aug'2014), was originally purchased brand new in Indiana in 2007 by the first and original buyer. I did not encounter any problems at the DMV office, didn't even have to bring the car in for inspection as was stated on their website. All they require is the Original (out of state) Certificate of Title, Transfer application, and $$$.

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