Choosing the correct 2014 Adidas or Nike football shoes for a player is dependent upon matching the type of shoe to the playing surface and field conditions. Some shoes perform well in certain conditions while others will not perform at all and, in fact, may cause injury. There are three main types of shoes to consider for outdoor soccer.A new report show that Nike sales thousands ofFootball Shoes only one month. It is a little strange that Adidas sales almost the same as Nike, especially Messi lost the semifinal.

However, Messi fans would buy Adidas, C Lo fans buy Nike. Sometimes you bought Nike, but you also want to buy Adidas, only choose one, what is your standard?First, you should consider what types do you want. Because you think it is cool when Messi wears Adidas Football Shoes, but you wear not so good as him. The clothes you make up with 2014 Adidas or Nike football shoes is also a very important factor. For many players it just designed for them.

Second, it is really important for you to think about the sole of shoes. Adidas sole are more various than Nike. It has three types, ring can ruduce friction, spike can speed up, irregular orientation of sole can be changed. You should went to other forums to find some tips about how to inderfity good 2014 Adidas or Nike football shoes. For players, in football field, it is very important for them to speed up, maybe a goal is in one minute.