Recently, the official learned from Land Rover , Land Rover will release two hybrid models at this year's Beijing Auto Show , which are Range Rover Hybrid ( hybrid version ) and Range Rover Sport Hybrid ( hybrid version ) .
Range Rover Hybrid starting debut at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show , will debut in China this year's Beijing Auto Show , the appearance , the Range Rover Range Rover Hybrid consistent with the cash , the use of lower emissions on behalf of pale blue paint , part of a front fender hYBRID plate , in addition to the new car is also equipped with a new six- spoke wheels dark shape . power, the car is equipped with a hybrid system by a 3.0L diesel engine and a motor composed of integrated maximum Power 250kW (340Ps), maximum torque of 700Nm . Transmission , the car matched a ZF 8 -speed automatic gearbox. In addition to the Range Rover Hybrid, Land Rover will also be published in the Beijing Motor Show Range Rover Sport Hybrid, the appearance is consistent with the ordinary version of the same model, using the same light blue body paint .
Power, Range Rover Hybrid car is equipped with the same hybrid system , the maximum power 250kW (340Ps), maximum torque of 700Nm. Transmission , the car also matched a ZF 8 -speed automatic gearbox. In addition, the new car 0-100km / h acceleration time of 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 218km / h.