Hi -- I bought one of the first Japanese made 2006 HCHII's to come off the ship in California. When I got it, and learned how to drive a hybrid, I was getting 48-51mpg pretty consistently. And, on southern california freeways, to boot.

I have had zero IMA problems, codes, lights, etc. As many people did, I took it in for maintenance and they applied the sofware/firmware change that lowered my gas mileage in exchange for purportedly longer battery life.

Fast forward to 7 years later, and I'm in Huntsville, Alabama (job transfer), and getting 40.something mpg on a good tank with no air conditioning on at cruising speeds of 60mph.

I attribute this to a) the software update, and b) the age of the car, and c) the ethanol mix in the gasoline (10% minimum).

The car has 92,000 miles on it, and still drives very, very well. I'm 57 years old, and considering retirement when I'm 62. Until now, I'd been planning to seel the car in 2016 and buy a 2011 model HCH.

However, I'm now reconsidering that move and, instead, think I may simply continue to keep and maintain the car, even replacing the battery in a few years if my mileage gets much lower.

Is there a downside to doing this aside from gradually increasing maintenance costs? I mean, it IS a Civic and made in Japan -- shouldn't I get 200k miles or better on it?

Comments or suggestions?


D.Shizzel (An over the hill white guy with 'shizzel' in his handle)