// Prius C or Chevy Volt?
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    Prius C or Chevy Volt?

    I have been trying to figure out which car I should get. I drive around 30-45 miles a day to school and work. I'm trying to figure out which car would be a better for me. I'm willing to spend 20,000 - 45,000. The Chevy Volt and Prius are the only cars that I've done research on, and I would like to hear out what you guys think. If you guys have any other types of cars that seem suitable for me please tell me

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    I suggest you wait and

    I suggest you wait and evalute the new Ford Fusion Energi. It will probably cost about $35,000, but its EV range will be over 20 miles.

    It should get new 47 MPG after the EV range is exceeded.

    The Fusion is said to be targeted to show up in showrooms in March of 2013.

    Next, you might consider a Plug-in Prius, which has a base price of about $32,000. It would be nicer than the "C" and still get high mileage. Its drawback is very limited EV range, about 11 miles.

    Bottom line, check out the Prius PHV and the Fusion Energi as well as your Prius C and Volt.

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