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    DIY hybrid conversion

    new to forum, sorry if this is a mispost

    Ok, as a monumental project,
    I have decided to convert my gas guzzling 1969 firebird into i believe what people call a "mini-hybrid", without totally breaking practicality nor the bank.

    so heres the plan,
    slice the ends of my axels, replacing the ends with somewhere around 3-4 hp motors that connect directly to the wheels. (no gearing losses, one for each of my four wheels) these are basically like the starter motors on your car.

    this would give me an acceleration assist, as well as a regenerative braking system.

    add a much larger alternator, or possibly an actual generator (have experience with these from working on a 1930 model a, in generator days)

    need a computer controlled power delivering system. (im not too strong in this field)

    throw a whole lot of batteries in it, replacing the back seat, as well as the trunk.

    As much critique and technical insight as possible please, this isnt going to be easy.

    Steven Sullivan

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    You've got an interesting project ahead of you. Personally, I'm more interested in production vehicles, however, there is a whole community involved with DIY conversions of ICE to EV that deal with most of your concerns all the time. Look at http://www.eaaev.org/Info/forums.html for forums of experts on this.
    Good luck and we'll hope to see a writeup on your project in a couple of years.

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    Check out

    Check out www.polarpowerinc.com for H.O. generators, and www.greenmotorsport.com for an AC drive train where you can keep your std. trans.

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    my idea take an ol school

    my idea take an ol school beatle. automatic transaxle might have to substitute the 3 speed with some thing a lil more practical for the high way maybe an aftermarket or a 5 or 6 speed out of a posche if you could find something like that on the cheep.

    Replace the body with fiberglass over foam if your any good at fabricating something like that. And generally put the lil frau on a general diet mag wheels that sort of thing if you can find em in the proper size.

    Take the pancake four out fix it up sell it scrap it recyle it what ever is most practical. Replace it with a small inline 3 or 4 cyl tractor style diesel maybe 40 hp or so you wouldnt want it much heavier than 200-250 lbs

    take the torque converter to a shop that can fabricate a gear to it around the outside

    take out the starter replace it with a 72 volt electric vehicle motor or motor gen might have to mod it but should mount up fairly simple

    motor controler
    Step down system to run your lights accesories

    6 large or 12/ in parrellel smaller deepcycle "Quality" Batteries such as optimas you can mount them nearly anywhere in nearly any position that they will fit.

    Anyway the multiple motors w a charging while breaking sounds complicated and might cost you a perfectly good ride those motors would have to be synced up not only with ea other but your gas engine if theyre not youll burn through your tires allot quicker long story short keep it as simple as possible and do as much reasearch as possible.

    theres a guy on youtue made a cycle from a donor bike verry simple set up pure electric gets 10 mile range charges in less than 3 hrs he did his whole progect on like a 3 grand budget

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    Steve, look at the EMIS

    Steve, look at the EMIS system from NetGain that is used to convert vehicles to hybrids at http://www.go-ev.com

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    We can adapt to these high

    We can adapt to these high gas prices by building hybrid adapters for our single fuel source cars -- go here for many ideas and links: http://peswiki.com/index.php/PowerPedia:Hybrid_Adapter

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    One thing you definitely

    One thing you definitely should do. Make your car a plug-in hybrid.

    1. So you need an alternator to charge your batteries. You could also tinker with your cars existing alternator for charging your batteries.
    2. Because you are thinking of an electric assist hybrid, you will need to buy a whole lot of capacitors
    3. I'm not a fan of regenerative braking (cost benefit analysis). But if you need to do it, you would have to find the circuit for your car's brake lights. And wire your battery charging circuit so that when the brake light circuit gets closed, your charging circuit is also closed.
    4. Instead of messing with your axles, you could try assisting your engine with your starter motor. It will be a lot safer and cheaper. The circuit for this will close when your brake lights circuit is open.

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    I done alot of research on

    I done alot of research on the all new honda accord hybrids. I wrote a review on it. I think that you will find it interesting.

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    Here's a thought for a

    Here's a thought for a quick, cheap and easy way to do it. Splice and mate a motor into the rear drive shaft. Have a mechanical linkage from the accelerator to the motor control. Make it a plug in. For the first 40+ miles or so you will have electric motor assist and that would take some of the load off the engine.

    You could probably adjust the linkage to give you more or less electric assist. You would have a choice of batteries and configurations. I would start with deep cycle lead acid and maybe upgrade

    My guess is you would get about a 30 - 50 percent increase in MPG

    Here is a list of high power DC motors

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