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    do you know of any indipendant technician training available for hybrids or byodiesels?

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    Craig Van Batenburg is a master hybrid technician and runs hybrid training sessions around the country. Check out his site:


    He's also an advisor to this site. A great guy.

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    Hello, I find the idea

    I find the idea that the production of a hybrid vehicle, is somehow offset by a slight gain in economy at the pump, fascinating to say the least. If the interior were constructed of dispensed corn cobs and the tires were made from recycled cardboard and the batteries required no fossil fuels to be burned in shipping or manufacture, we could discuss savings from an ecology standpoint.

    The very body of the car requires the melting of metals and injection molding of plastics witch are manufactured from and heated with fossil fuels. To say that the use of a hybrid does anything to save the environment or reduce the usage of fossil fuels is rediculous. We all understand that you cannot make any energy source pay for itself in the long run by using more energy now. We also understand that the hybrid vehicle is a political brainchild and not the workings of a nation headed for energy independance.

    I will be happy to help, those of us with leftist opinions, spend their almost earned money to repair their farce of a vehicle.

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    Good day sir, I am a

    Good day sir, I am a graduate of mechanical engineering who desires to become an expert in the repair and maintenance of hybride cars, i am presently in Nigeria,please how do i go about achieving my desires?

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